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My Toll Free 800 Number provides vanity toll free number service for companies searching for a better available vanity 800 number service than just digits.


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We'd love to have you as a member of the team. As an affiliate member you can earn an up-front $25 for each customer you refer that signs up for MyTollFreeNumber services AS WELL AS 5% of every month’s bill for as long as the customer uses the toll free service. Join the MyTollFree800Number Affiliate Network and be paid a commission for every customer click-through from your site to MyTollFree800Number that results in a successful setup of our toll-free phone 800 service.

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Have a question? Check out the following FAQ section, or send us a note.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MyTollFree800Number Affiliate Network?

The MyTollFree800Number Affiliate Network is a terrific marketing opportunity for web site owners that see the profit potential of partnering with a company that offers an ongoing payment stream per Click-through sale. As an affiliate member you can earn an up-front $25 for each MyTollFreeNumber sale of new toll free service you refer AS WELL AS 5% of every month’s toll-free telephone bill for as long as the customer uses the vanity toll free number service.

What are the responsibilities of MyTollFree800Number?

MyTollFree800Number ensures the highest level of service for its customers. We courteously handle the transaction, processing, and deliver excellent customer service. MyTollFree800Number will provide you with the tools and assistance you need to link to our site. We will provide you with graphics and banners for your web site. We will make sure that your visitors have an excellent shopping experience because our customers are your customers, and we want you to look good.

Does my customer have to have a web site?

No, in fact, our MyTollFree800Number telephone services are available to anyone seeking to establish low cost toll free services.

Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?

No. There is no cost. Simply join us and you'll be on your way to making commissions.

How often do Affiliates get paid?

Affiliates are automatically paid by check after every calendar quarter. Checks are written for accounts with balances of $100 (U.S. Dollars) or more. The checks are mailed within 45 days after each calendar quarter.

Can I view my account activity?

MyTollFree800Number provides 24-hour access to detailed reports that allow you to track sales and traffic activity. These reports will help you maximize your revenue.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can earn as an Affiliate?

No, there is no limit.

How Do I Join?

Click here and complete the online application. Once we receive your application, we'll send you all the information and tools that you need to get started.